Feel trim and terrific in no time! Whether you want to lose weight, stress less, improve your sexual satisfaction or just feel better about your body, Prevention's Health Tracker can get you there - fast. Your Prevention Health Tracker is so easy to use. It lets you:
  • Take your food journal online: track your daily kilojoule (or calorie) intake
  • Log workouts and activities to calculate your daily kilojoule burn (instant graphs show how your energy output stacks up against your food intake!)
  • Track your stress levels, sexual satisfaction, water consumption and hours of sleep
PLUS you can now:
  • Download Prevention's 2-Day (Wheat-Free) Recipe Plan, for FREE! Click here to download the planner
  • Download Prevention's 10-minute Get Australia Walking Workouts, for FREE!
  • Find food items faster: starting to type in the foods you've eaten will see them automatically appear on our food list
Prevention's Health Tracker makes it easy to stick to your health goals. So, what are you waiting for? Get tracking today!

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Your Prevention Health Tracker contains general health information only and should not be treated as advice. Always consult your doctor if you have any health queries or if you want to undertake major lifestyle change.

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